3000/4000 Series

Below you will find videos and documents containing technical information that will help you maintain the warranty and life of your product.

Common Installation Issues

A guide to installation related failures and ways to avoid them.

How to Flush & Flash

These steps are required to maintain your warranty.

How to properly flush your cooler and re-flash your computer when installing a remanufactured Allison transmission.  Only electronically controlled transmissions must be re-flashed.

Allison Approved Lubricants

List of all approved lubricants.

Proper Torque Specifications

List of component's proper torque specs.

Installation Checklist

Checklist of items that need to be review when installing an Allison transmission.

Checklist for Adaptation

Adaptation measurements to be completed to ensure proper transmission and engine alignment.

Road Test Checklist

List of items to complete on the running vehicle once the Allison Transmission is installed.

For additional information, reference the following Allison documents:

  • Service Information Letter:  Resetting Adaptive Shift Parameters in Allison 4th Generation Controls